March 29

Week 28 of School

This week was an awesome we went on a field trip to tuckaleechee caverns. Its a giant cave underground that goes for 17 miles but we only went 1/4 of a mile into the cave. We also saw a waterfall in there as well. it was also Dr.Seuss.

March 21

Spring Break!

Spring break is a fun time and there are many things to do. I’m going to tell you what I did over spring break. First we did nothing for three days and then we started to drive to Nashville. We went to the Hermitage then we after that we went towards a hotel. The next day we first went to the zoo. After the zoo we checked in at the Opryland Hotel this hotel pretty much has a forest on one side and the other feels like a be achy area. Finally night came and for diner we went to Dave & Busters. This place has an arcade inside of it its awesome. At night we went to a hockey game and thats it.

March 11

Week 27 of School

This has been an amazing week and now spring break how could anything get better. This week we sent letters to our french E-pals. We also got new equipment mostly microphones. We did research and we could chose what to research, I chose deep sea animals. Thats what happened this week.


February 26

Week 25 Of School

This week we had lots of awsome things happen like the steel drum UT band. The drum band sounded like something tropical whith high and low pitches and the instruments they used were from the Caribbean islands. We finished our songs that will be heard by Bill Gates.IMG_5783

February 5

Pollution Essay

Pollution in the Water

by: Quinn

In the articles “Drinking Water: Bottled or from the Tap?” by Catherine Clarke Fox and “Art for Ocean Animals” by Elise Jonas-Delson it states reasons why littering is a big problem. In the first  article “Drinking Water: Bottled or from the Tap?” it says that bottled water is a large problem. First, bottled water is made of plastic and if littered can cause large change. second, every year about 29 billion bottles of water all made of plastic. Can you just Imagine how much that could hurt the environment.

On the other hand you may help by throwing away trash but Angela Pozzi has some other thoughts in mind. In the paragraph “Art for Ocean Animals” it says Pozzi put some creativity into what she picked up on the beach or side walk so she said she would use it for art. Have you ever seen art made of trash? Usually you would see art and think paint, clay, or stone but she uses trash. But it doesn’t matter if it is pretty or not its what it is resembling in the world. An example is a fish is sculpted and then there is plastic with tooth marks on it to resemble fish eating plastic.

The problem with plastic is that it isn’t broken down by water its broken down by the sun and turned into many tiny pieces and eaten by fish then the fish eventually die. So if all the plastic bottles ended up in the ocean it would pollute our ocean while killing most of the fish in the ocean, and thats why I strongly believe you should take a minute to think about how much your bottled water could change the environment.

February 5

Rescue Dogs Essay

Quinn’s Rescue Dog Prompt

by: Quinn Gormley

Rescue dogs are very helpful to society they can help you in many ways. In the articles “It’s a Dog’s Life” by Rebecca Upjohn Snyder and “Hide-and-Seek-School” by Vivienne Lenk it states facts and details about how rescue dogs help us every day. Before we talk about how they rescue you in tough situations lets talk about how they can to help you work on farms and fields “It’s a Dog’s Life” many good examples of this. In this article it talks about how one dog can herd fifty sheep at once. In the text it states that “Border collies are considered the smartest dogs in the world” Border collies are a breed of dogs for sheep herding.

However in the article “Hide-and-Seek-School” it talks about a school training rescue dogs to help save people in Colorado. They are trained to use there noses to sniff people out  and then people shovel them out, however to do this the dog must go through lots of training to do this. They usually have animals buried under snow and the dog has twenty minutes to find it they also ride on snow mobiles to get to an area.

Now lets compare and contrast the two articles. In the first article it’s about not dogs that rescue but dogs that help in other ways like sheep herding, in comparison in the other article it talks about how dogs train to save people in countless situations. Both the articles include the hard training and have to be full of energy at all times for any situation. Now lets talk about there differences the first article is taken place in a large field and the dog herds sheep into pens, in contrast the other article it is taken place in Colorado were it has very thick white snow, and the dogs job here is to save people from avalanches when it falls on a person.

February 5

pluto paper essay


By: Quinn

The reason why I think the IAU made the wrong decision to reclassify pluto as a dwarf planet. In there opinion for a new definition of a planet also effected Pluto they try to reclassify pluto as not an actual a planet this definition was very vague. However some facts and details disagree with the IAU’s decision to reclassify Pluto.

During the 2000’s the IAU’s main priority was to reclassify pluto as a dwarf planet. This was failing and some reasons are. The IAU made a vote for the final decision but only 304 astronomers voted. After the vote Alan Stern head of the new horizons mission to pluto called it awful and sloppy science.

Actually the IAU’s decision isn’t just messing with science it’s messing with history we would half to change a lot. Also pluto has been around for about 80 years. I strongly believe that pluto should be a planet because how much the IAU could change the world.